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  • Tired Of Living With Headaches ( incl migraine ) ?
  • Concerned About The Impact On Your Personal and Professional Life ?
  • Frustrated With Other Treatments That Sound Good, Promise A Lot But Don’t Deliver Lasting Benefits?

What's The Secret Of Making Lasting Change And Living A Pain Free Life ?

Getting To The Root Cause

At Neurogenics Headache Clinic Stoke our primary focus is discovering and treating the ROOT CAUSE. This takes treatment for all forms of headache including migraine to a higher level.

It is the key to releasing you from pain, stiffness and discomfort associated with many forms of headaches and its only available from Neurogenics Headache Clinic.

Getting Yourself Out Of Pain Is Just A Click Or A Phone Call Away

neurogenics headache clinic stoke

The Basis Of A Root Cause Assessment

You Are Unique ...

From nearly 30 years of experience we know that people who start their treatment with a ROOT CAUSE diagnosis get better quicker. 

Not only that, the benefits tend to last much, much longer  

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“Alan Lee of Neurogenics Back Pain Clinic Stoke is my absolute go to when my back starts playing up. Highly knowledgeable and the most capable Osteopath I have encountered over the past 20 years. Alan takes the time to understand your specific issues and thereafter provides a programme of treatment to suit your specific needs.”


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Lab Tests

Pain and A Root Cause Assessment

With special regard to headaches pain exists as a consequence of nutritional, hormonal, genetic and structural problems with the neck. 

ALL of these factors must be addressed and corrected where necessary to overcome the frequency and severity of headaches.